domingo, 7 de octubre de 2007

Dr. Feelgood - Live At The BBC 74-5

01. My Baby, Your Baby
02. I'm Talking About You
03. One Weekend
04. Rock Me Baby
05. Bonie Moronie
06. She Does It RIght
07. Twenty Yards Behind
08. The More I Give
09. Boom Boom
10. All Through The City
11. Talk To Me Baby
12. Route 66
13. I Can Tell
14. Going Back Home
15. Don't You Just Know It
16. Roxette
17. Another Man
18. I Don't Mind
19. Riot In Cell Block #9
20. Rollin' And Tumblin'




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Anónimo dijo...

LA contraseña está mal, es

Ack Ack Ack dijo...

Corregido, gracias por el aviso

Anónimo dijo...


O Arquivo não abre, porque???

Anónimo dijo...

on MAC OS X ==> ERROR 17540.
A big PROBLEM !!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Great choice! If anyone is having trouble with the password, there is an extra on the end of it. So if you cut and paste it, be sure to delete the final character. Cool. Viva la revolution!

earl dijo...

..thanks for this..

Ada dijo...

Gracias.... Is that how you spell it?

Anónimo dijo...

Many thanks for sharing this! You find ninety-nine tons and a half of Dr Feelgood rarities at my megapost below - don't forget to check the comments too for updates!

Cheers, Dave Sez.